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Trees & Shrubs
Trees & Shrubs

When planting new trees and shrubs in sandy or clay soil, we recommend mixing Black Kow® with an equal part of soil from the planting hole.

  • First, dig the planting hole two to three times as wide as the root ball. Dig the hole six inches deeper than the root ball.  Mix half of the soil from the planting hole with an equal amount of Black Kow®. Save the remaining soil to use as a berm around the hole.
  • Put six inches of the improved soil in the bottom of the planting hole and pack down. Continue adding soil until the top of the plant's root ball is even with the surrounding ground.
  • Fill the hole with the remaining improved soil while adding water to eliminate any air pockets. Then build a berm around the planting hole with the remaining native soil. This will hold water around the base of the plant until it can soak in.

 Add mulch, sit back and enjoy.

Wait one month to add chemical fertilizer. Keep soil around trees and shrubs moist but do not over water.

Once the new tree is established, and for established trees, top-dress in the spring and fall with one-half inch of Black Kow® before adding any additional fertilizer and mulch.

 Black Kow® will help hold water and fertilizer in the soil before releasing them as needed by the plant.