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Gardening For Kids
Start A Garden
Start A Garden

Are you ready to jump into gardening with the kids? Great!  Plants love sun, so our first job is to find the sunniest patch of dirt in the yard.  
Six or more hours of direct sunlight is called full sun. This is ideal.  Three to six hours is called partial shade, and is still very good.  If you have fewer than three hours in one place, consider container gardening in pots on wheeled bases. Moving them around during the day will give them adequate sunlight.  More from Gardener's Path...

Ideas for Fall Planting
Ideas for Fall Planting

The weather is getting cooler, time to harvest pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and other fall crops.  Another great fall gardening activity Michigan State University Extension recommends is to encourage your kids to save the seeds from their favorite flowers and vegetables plants. They can learn to store these seeds to plant in the garden next year. Saving seeds is a great way to teach kids about sustainability and how early pioneers and farmers grew their crops from their own seed. Seed saving is also a way to save money in the spring. 

Get Kids Growing
Get Kids Growing

Gardening for kids can be fun, refreshing and educational. When kids garden with their parents, it helps create a stronger bond in their relationship because they’re spending time together and having fun. 
Additionally, for those who struggle to get their kids to eat healthy food, gardening can be a useful tool.  It doesn’t require a large, sunny backyard and it doesn’t cost very much money, either. You can grow a few edibles or flowers in your existing yard.  More from Quiet Hut...

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