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Bring The Butterflies To Your Backyard With Black Kow
Bring The Butterflies To Your Backyard With Black Kow


  • Locate your garden in a sunny area.
  • Prepare the garden soil following the directions on our Flower Beds and Vegetables page.
  • Plan for continuous blooms throughout the growing season. Plant a variety of the following plants: Azaleas, Butterfly Bush, Glossy Abelia, Lantana, Trailing Lantana, Eupatoruim, New England Aster, Pineapple Sage, Purple Coneflower, Thrift, Vervain, Verbena, Cosmos, Egyptian Star-Cluster, French Marigold, Heliotrope, Impatiens, Mexican Sunflower, Moss Verbena, Zinnia.
  • You must plant some of the following host plants. Host plants provide food for caterpillars, Butterflies will only lay eggs on specific plants. Here's the list: Bloodflower, Butterfly Weed, Parsley, Dill, Copper Fennel, Maypop, Blue Passionflower, Spicebush, Tulip tree.
  • ​Include damp areas of shallow puddles in the garden. You can do this by mixing more Black Kow® into the lower parts of the garden. These areas will stay moist longer after rain or watering.
  • Place some flat stones in the garden. Butterflies often spread their wings and bask in the sun. Basking raises their body temperature so they are able to fly and remain active.
  • DO NOT USE PESTICIDES IN OR NEAR A BUTTERFLY GARDEN. Use predatory insects (ladybugs for example), insecticidal soap or remove pests by hand. Black Kow® is completely organic. The microbes produced by composting will help fight pests in the soil.