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Bare Spots in your Yard?

If the soil is dry, add one inch of Black Kow® over the existing soil. Mix into the top two inches of soil. Make sure the ground is level and then seed, plug, or sod.

If you have St. Augustine or grass that spreads from runners, the runners surrounding the bare spot will grow into the improved soil in time.

If soil is always wet, it may be because it's the lowest area of your yard or it could be sloped incorrectly. Fix the drainage problem and then top-dress with one-half inch of Black Kow®. Top-dress lawns every other year.

New Lawns

When establishing new areas of lawn, spread 100 lbs. of Black Kow® composted cow manure per 50 sq. ft. (spread one-half inch thick) and mix into the topsoil prior to laying sod, plugging or seeding.

Black Kow® will help reduce thatch buildup, hold moisture near the roots, and help fight pests and disease.

Topdressing Existing Lawns

Existing lawns should be given an application of 100 lbs. of Black Kow® composted cow manure per 100 sq. ft. of lawn once every other year.

Always water in thoroughly after spreading Black Kow®.

We suggest aerating your lawn - wear golf shoes while working in your lawn, use a pitchfork or a lawn aerating tool.